Nov18 - Jan07  Solo Exhibition - COLOSSUS- Bangkok Thailand

芸術の秋に知ってほしいこと 社会人としてはあまり役に立たないことですが

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このことは普段の生活でも同じですね。僕のアトリエのある建物は空が全開の場所で、いつも空を見る習慣になっていますが、”雲” 鑑賞も本当に一瞬で終わりの体験です。




美術館に行くと、この “1回ルール”をシビアに分かっているので、歩きがぎこちなくなります。



1回オンリーです、散歩 雲 声、絵画 、、

It is the fall of art. Time to look at art,

please cherish that – First look – .

I sincerely hope that you will cherish that first look.

When you see a painting or other work of art at an exhibition,

art is reduced to one-fifth of its original impression.

I am sure that art lovers know this feeling as an experience.

I think it is not limited to art, but when you go to something that fits your inner self, the first impression you receive cannot be reproduced in its entirety a second time.

You want to think of the first look as the last look and carry things through.

The physical act of -Looking at a picture- can be repeated many times if you turn your head, but it is very difficult to revive the impression after the second time.

This is the same in everyday life. The building where my studio is located has a full view of the sky, and I am always in the habit of looking at the sky, but “cloud” viewing is also a truly instantaneous experience.

It is easy to imagine that the scenery and clouds are “one time only” because they change, but in fact, it is almost the same with paintings and art.

Seeing is an act in which everything is entrusted to the relationship between here (you) and there (the subject), so no matter how much the subject (the painting) may look the same, the relationship between the viewer (you) and each other is always changing.

Recently, I have been wondering if perhaps even the subject, the painting, is changing.

When I go to a museum, I know this “one time rule” severely, so my walking becomes awkward.

When I know that a painting I am about to be impressed by is nearby, an invisible shield comes up next to my face and half covers my eyes. It behaves strangely to prevent you from accidentally touching the main dish.

And once you stand in front of the picture in question, you hang everything on that first look, just like the view of Tokyo University’s acceptance announcement.

It is one time only, a walk, a cloud, a voice, a painting,

いいね または フォローしてね!